About Cambrian Guitars

Using only the finest tonewoods, inlay materials, and hardware available, I custom design, hand-craft, and tap-tune great sounding, top quality, yet affordable guitars to match your playing style, ears, and good looks. I specialize in applying artistic marquetry and inlay accents to my guitar designs. I originally learned how to craft guitars as an alternative "canvas" for my marquetry and have been building them since the summer of 2007.

I have been a musician and composer for nearly 4 decades, and a fine woodworker for nearly 3 decades. My music website can be found here, and my general woodworking website here. I am a quick study, and with the help of the many wonderful resources now available, have learned the art and craft of guitar making very quickly. The guitars I produce are already at par with, or exceed, the quality and tone of some of the best handmade instruments you will find anywhere.

I design and build purely to satiate my love of the art/craft. I maintain complete quality control over every aspect of my work by doing everything myself. I have no employees or sub-contractors, and work full-time as  an RF Electronic Engineer (for Google currently). Consequently, it takes me some time to craft each instrument, but you'll find that it's well worth the wait.

I would be happy to discuss the possibility of making a custom instrument for you, and provide you with a free estimate of cost and delivery. I make most standard sizes of acoustic or resonator style steel string guitars and classical guitars, and I am willing to consider any size/shape instrument you have in mind. I stock a very good selection of hand-picked high-quality tonewoods from which you are welcome to select.

My contact information is in the website title block above. You will have to type my email ID in manually, sorry; this is a necessary spam reduction measure. Please contact me by phone or email if you have any questions or would like to discuss a commission.

For those interested, my chosen company name "Cambrian Guitars" is derived from the name of the area I lived in when I started out making guitars (Cambrian Park in San Jose, CA).

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