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If you'd like to discuss ordering a custom designed and built guitar from me, please call or email me using the contact information in the title bar above. I will respond within a day.

My terms are reasonable - I prefer not to publish them all online - please contact me directly to obtain a copy of my terms and warranty. Here is the gist:

Once we have jointly worked out a specification for your guitar, I will give you a work start date. Quality cannot be rushed, so expect your guitar to take 3 to 4 months to complete from the start date. I make guitars contiguously from my order list. I expect 50% payment when I start work on your guitar. I will provide regular updates (in the form of an website build log with lots of photographs). I expect payment of the other 50% prior to shipping your guitar to you. If for any reason you are not entirely happy with the instrument, I will accept returns if shipped 7 or less days from receipt. Guitars with generic embellishments will get a full refund. Guitars with personalized embellishments will get between 10% and 25% less (depending on the level/alterability of the personalization).

I warranty my guitars for life (mine or the original buyer's, whichever is shorter!) against defects in design or workmanship as long as the guitar has been treated reasonably (e.g. not left in a hot car for the afternoon!) and stored at room temperature in a relative humidity between about 40% and 70% with the string tension relieved if for longer than 2 weeks.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dave Fifield

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