Guitar Models

I currently make 1 type of classical guitar and 5 types of steel string guitar:

  • Classical (Hauser derivative)
- Model HD-1

  • (Martin) Dreadnought
- Model CGD-1

  • (Martin) Jumbo
- Model CGJ-1

  • (Martin) 000 and OM (Venetian cutaway optional)
- Models CG000-1, CG000-1C, CGOM-1, CG0M-1C

  • (OLF) Medium Jumbo (Venetian cutaway optional)
- Models CGMJ-1, CGMJ-1C

  • (OLF) Small Jumbo (Venetian cutaway optional)
- Models CGSJ-1, CGSJ-1C

I am open to make pretty much any size you wish though, call me to discuss.

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