This is but a small fraction of the wood from my stash. I have acquired much more since I took these pictures. I will endeavor to update the slideshow with more as I get time. These photos were all taken "dry". That is, I didn't wet any of the wood (with naphtha/mineral spirits) in order to show the figure/grain/color better. If you'd like to see a photograph of any particular set "wet", let me know and I will take a picture and send you a link to it. Due to the huge price differential between the various tonewoods, I have to adjust the price of each guitar I make appropriately.

In addition to these wonderful back/sides sets, I have stacks of extremely high grade Lutz and Sitka Spruce, a few nice sets of Italian Spruce, a few Engleman Spruce, some Port Orford Cedar, and a whole lot of hard-to-find vintage Redwood and Sinker Redwood. I'll try to get pictures of some of these up here soon.

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